WindStone Golf Course
A Historical Perspective

In 1989, after the Windstone Development Company was formed, WindStone Golf Course grew out of the ashes of a failed development called FountainGate.  Prior to the birth of WindStone, visitors to the exclusive development known as FountainGate were greeted by an abandoned guard shack and found bare, cracking earth on the edges of gravel roadways, and entry bridges consisting only of corrugated culverts. Only the front nine holes were finished, and the course was struggling to stay solvent.
Today, thanks to the Windstone Development Company, Rainbro, and the  perseverance of several  early homeowners, most notably Fred Gregg and Don Shumate, along with Charlie Ewton,  E.D.Latimer, and current course owners Tim and Wes Gilbert, The Course and Homes of WindStone has become the envy of golf community dwellers everywhere.

WindStone is spread over almost 500 acres of gently rolling countryside on the Tennessee-Georgia line. The back nine was carved out of a rolling ridge area of North Georgia where famous greens shaper, Eddie Kilkorian, better know as "Fast Eddie" served as the designer.

 Today, WindStone Golf Club has matured into perhaps the most scenic course in the area. A full complement of members enjoy all the amenities the club offers. Only those homeowners, workers, and investors who were involved in the development from the beginning can fully appreciate the metamorphosis that has taken place.

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